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Broadway Studio Facility

London, NY & LA  7940m2 / 85,450 ft2

Interior Architecture (RIBA 1-4)

The design, layout and furniture / furnishings specification for these international state-of-the-art VFX workspaces develops an interior mood that is welcoming, informal yet highly functional and technical. A 24/7 space that accommodates both The Mill teams and the Client teams day and night. Colour and material palettes were developed for each level to create a recognisable ‘floor’ signature for clients and artists; and furniture selection is domestic rather than corporate to exude comfort.

The by floor layout follows the organisational device of the “street”: a generously proportioned central circulation space with a café acts as a meeting space, client work area and general touch base area; encouraging communication between clients, colour artists and 3D support talent. Careful choice of materials and screening allow secure project rooms to co-exist with more social areas; privacy screening shields the constant flow from entrance to work areas and our design allows daylight into the central spaces whenever possible.

Photo credit: Adrian Wilson 

Work undertaken while at HMKM

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